A lot of companies like to be able to thank their employees for their many years of devotion and service to their company when it comes for them to retire. A lot of times the company will allow for a retirement dinner instead of just a casual goodbye party in the office. If you are the person being asked to plan for this event of appreciation, you will have a lot of things to do, so here are a few things that might make planning this event easier.

The first thing of course that you will need to do is figure out the date, time and place for the party. Since these generally are not surprises you should pick a date that will work well for the person who is retiring. This could be the night before the retirement, the night of his retirement or the night after. You don’t want to make it too far away from their actual retirement date.

Once you have the date, you will need to make a list of who to invite. Of course everyone at work but you will need to ask the person who is retiring for a list of people outside of work that they would like to see attend this wonderful evening. After that is done you can then go ahead and pick out the location for the dinner. There are several different places that can be used such as their favorite restaurant, a ballroom, a hotel with a convention center or even at someone’s home if they have a large enough home to deal with a relative large group of people. If it is some place other than a home then make sure you call at least a month before the party to reserve the space.

After you have the place reserved it’s time to invite all of their co-workers, family members and friends they indicated they would like to see attend their party. Make sure to put all of the information on it that will make it easy for them to get there such as the date, time, place and directions how to get to the location. Make sure to request that they RSVP by a specific date and this is usually about a week before the date of the party.

If you are hosting the party anywhere other than a restaurant itself you will need to figure out what foods and drinks you want to have catered. If it’s being held in a home you can always with the help of a few co-worker prepare the food yourself. Whatever you do, make sure there is a huge variety of foods to please everyone and make sure that you have plenty of the guest of honors food on hand. After all it’s their night.

You should also include a cake or two since this is a celebration and everyone loves to have cake at a celebration. It’s best to order sheet cakes and have them decorated with something related to the retirement. Be creative, you might want to have the cake decorated with something that represents the person retiring, something that shows who they are and what they like to do. Make it comical or you can make it sentimental.

For those who RSVP, when they call you make sure to ask them if they would like to help pitch in for their retirement gift. No matter who contributes a gift is something that is generally given at a retirement party. A plaque is nice so that he can remember the day but something else should also be added to this. After all for a lot of people retirement is a big thing.

Have a guest book for everyone to sign that you can later give to the guest of honor as part of his retirement. You can also consider buying or making some small mementos that you can give to each guest that they can take with them to remember the evening. A nice touch is a picture magnet of the person retiring and the date they retired.

A nice touch while everyone is eating dinner is to have some nice music playing in the background while you play a slide show of the person retiring. Try to make them pictures that are from all the years they worked for the company, you can get pictures from the office over the years as well as pictures family members can contribute.

One more thing, if the person retiring is really easy going and has a good sense of humor, consider making the dinner also a “Roast”.

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